Eugene OR

Thank you Eugene OR! Portland

Thank you Eugene OR for your energy and support this weekend. That was tremendous fun and a packed room. Thank you Kai Weybright for the photo!

Up next, we'll be in Portland OR on October 23rd. Check out the show listings below for more details.

Rishloo @ the Wow Hall

WOW! A Hall in Eugene Oregon

A week from this Saturday (8/22), we will be joining This Patch Of Sky once again but in Eugene Oregon at the Wow Hall. We are not headlining so get there earlier to catch us.

Today you will find the first edition "Transcendental Animals" tee finally listed on our online shop! We released these at the Seattle show and nearly sold out so we had to quickly make another run before we put them up for sale online. We also just restocked our Feathery Eyes shirts so get ‘em while you can.

Rishloo @ the Crocodile

A Sold-out Show in Seattle!!!!

From the bottom of our hearts - Thank you for the wonderful night last night. We loved every moment we were able to share with you individually and on stage. What an incredible experience it was to see and talk to all of you. The show was sold out making it a packed night there at the Crocodile!

To all our crew that helped in making the night go even smoother, specifically Tim Dulany for sound, Drew Gillett for merch, You May Die In The Desert, This Patch of Sky and The Crocodile and its crew, thank you all so very much!

Coming up next month, we have our next concert in Eugene OR with our good friends who joined us this last weekend, This Patch Of Sky.

Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands

Seattle Concert: July 24

Our Seattle show at the Crocodile is coming up fast! We’re so excited to be playing live again after 4 years incubating in life, writing songs and the experiences therein.

Our return to stage concert in Seattle will be at The Crocodile on Friday, July 24!

We’re thrilled about the line up of artists for the evening. Starting the show is the amazing band You May Die In The Desert and following them are our good friends from Eugene, OR This Patch Of Sky. You don’t want to miss these guys. They are both powerful and beautiful artists that we enjoy and think you will too.

Tickets for the show are available but they have been selling pretty quick so expect a packed house. Grab them quick from the link below:

Get Tickets Here!

Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands

Seattle Concert: July 24

Here it is, our first concert since before all the s#@$ went down and we came together again and released our fourth album. Rishloo's return to stage concert in Seattle will be at The Crocodile on Friday, July 24! Tickets are not yet available but will be soon.

Joining us will be some good friends of ours from Eugene Oregon, This Patch Of Sky and other Seattle locals, You May Die In The Desert.

Tickets are now on sale here!

Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands

Awaiting the verdict...

As we posted earlier in March, we decided to participate in Ernie Ball's Battle of the Bands for an opportunity to perform at Rock on the Range festival in OH. It is either ending soon or has ended and their judges are going to make a final decision soon.

Because of you we have maintained in the top percentile and kept the 2nd slot out of thousands of bands for our buzz rating, so a many many thanks to all of you! To whatever end this brings us, whether we perform there or not, thank you all deeply from the bottoms of our hearts. It was incredible to see this was all done from you!

There are other opportunities we are actively seeking to help us get out there as well. Stay tuned. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, or our newsletter to stay up to date with our activity.

Plus we have posted some new swag in the shop today:

Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands

We ask for your hand in support!!

Rishloo has decided to take an opportunity to be a part of Rock on the Range - Battle of the Bands hosted by Ernie Ball. We typically stray far away from battle of the bands competitions as most of the time they are phony and discrediting to our authenticity. However, we feel that this could be a way to get Rishloo to the midwest and spread the word a little more. It may also lead to better touring options and help us to see even more of you worldwide.

We're asking for your support in this. Without all of you, we wouldn't even bother attempting this. Because we see how large our world-wide presence is online, we know you all can play an enormous part in spreading the word. Share this link and songs on the page, listen to the songs there and encourage others to do the same. We are not sure how their scale is measured but all we can say is let’s light some fires with those diamond eyes!

Rishloo AMA on Reddit

The Reddit AMA on Tuesday was a success! We had a blast talking with all of you. If we did not answer your question, either be patient as we are still answering lots of them. Or you might want to look around on there to see if that same question was answered earlier.

The AMA is still active and you can still post here:

Please continue to upvote and share. It is one of the most popular posts on the progmetal subreddit!! Amazing! We didn't expect so many of you to partake. Thanks for helping to make this such an inspiring and exciting time.

City Date Venue Tickets Details
Portland, OR 10/23/2015 Ash St. Saloon $8 DOS
Ages 21+, 8pm
w/ This Patch Of Sky,
Coastlands, Wellwalker
Living as Ghosts with Buildings as Teeth


Dead Rope Machine



Terras Fames

Thank You!
A massive thank you to all who helped make this album:

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Living as Ghosts with Buildings as Teeth

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